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Ages 15 -19

For guardians of teenagers

At this age, relationship building may be the most important to your child.


Their questions might include: 

  • How can I get a boyfriend/girlfriend?

  • How do gay people have sex? 

  • How do I know if I am gay? 

  • How old were you when you first had sex? 

How to talk about Sexual health 

Parents can initiate dialogue about sexual health with their teens by asking questions. Inquiring about how they will know if they're ready for sex and if they know the consequences of sex such as STDs or unintended pregnancy are ways to begin the conversation.


Parents should share their values about sex with their teens as well, such as when you feel it is acceptable for them to have sex.  

How to talk about healthy relationships

Parents should discuss healthy relationships with their teens before they begin dating. Offer advice to teens on healthy communication skills such as using "I" statements or being willing to apologize to others. Parents should also talk with teens about consent. This conversation can be initiated while watching TV shows or movies or bringing up news stories regarding consent. 

Once a teen is in a relationship, parents can make sure their child is in a healthy relationship by asking questions. Such questions can be "Do you both trust each other?"  or  "Do you always feel safe together?" or other questions that can be asked to find out more about a teen's relationship. Always remind your teen that you want to keep them safe and are a resource for them. 

Have clear conversations with your teen about expectations and boundaries. Ask open-ended questions and be actively involved in their life. Get to know their friends and partner as well as their friends and partner's parents.  

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