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Meet The facilitators

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Jade Truehart

Research Coordinator


Research Interests: Maternal/child health, social determinants of health

Fun Fact: I like going to museums and exhibits. 

Ellen Kim

Research associate


Research interests: health disparities, cancer prevention


Fun Fact: I might be closer to a sloth than a Homo sapien; I once slept 20 hours in one day.

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Manvi Reddy

PTOP Facilitator


Favorite Sexual Health Education Topic: Consent

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Jerry Kai-Chun Fu

MSW student 


Favorite Sexual Health Education Topic: Refusal and Negotiation Skills


Thoin Begum

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Sinh Taylor

Postdoctoral Fellow


Research interests: Maternal & Child Health, Reproductive Health, Toxic Environmental Exposures, Health Disparities, Indigenous Health, and Disabilities


Fun Fact: I like to travel the world, so far I have been to 10 countries.

PTOP Facilitator


Favorite Sexual Health Education Topic:

Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity, Gender Roles

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