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proud teens of Philly

Philadelphia Teen Outreach program (PTOP)

Proud Teens of Philly is an educational program, which aims to promote healthy sexual behaviors and equip students with the tools and attitudes to be healthy adults. PTOP’s goal is to improve adolescent health and well-being among racial and ethnic minority youth aged 12 to 19 in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Racial and ethnic minority populations have teen pregnancy rates more than twice the national average. This problem is particularly prevalent in Philadelphia where Latinx and African American teens have teen pregnancy rates higher than the national average. In addition, Philadelphia experiences disproportionately high rates of STI and HIV among teens. PTOP aims to mitigate these health disparities within Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

PTOP will be implemented virtually due to COVID-19. Using various teaching methods such as PowerPoint and other interactive tools, PTOP engages students and fosters a trustful and fun learning environment. All PTOP staff and site coordinators have undergone detailed training of the protocol. PTOP will be using the Making Proud Choices (MPC) Curriculum, an evidence-based, effective intervention, as the basis of education. PTOP aims to reduce the rates of STIs and teen pregnancy among underrepresented Black, Latinx, and Asian American communities in Philadelphia. PTOP will also equip students with the tools to become productive members of society.

STI Prevention

Students learn the risks of unsafe sexual activity as well as the tools to protect themselves from STI/HIV and teen pregnancy.

Decision Making

Students are empowered to engage in autonomous decision-making processes in the pursuit of their own health and well-being.

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PTOP cultivates effective, healthy communication by motivating critical thinking, empathy, and open-mindedness.

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Problem solving

Students build skills that help them navigate through difficult times and handle unexpected situations independently or as a team.

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Coping skills

Students adapt positive, nurturing behaviors and thoughts in managing painful or difficult emotions and building resilience.

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