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About proud teens of philly

Proud Teens of Philly (A.K.A. Philadelphia Teen Outreach Program, PTOP) is a community-based education program that aims to provide comprehensive sexual health education. In partnership with community organizations as well as public and charter schools from the Greater Philadelphia Area, PTOP reaches at-risk youth between the ages of 12-19 years. Through evidence-based intervention methods, we seek to reduce youth risk behaviors by building life skills, adopting positive attitudes, boosting confidence and promoting healthy sexual behaviors among youth.

Quick Facts: Teen pregnancy  STI/HIV in Philly

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Philadelphia has an alarmingly high teen birth rate of 28.8 births per 1,000 girlsThis is much higher than the Pennsylvania state rate of 16.3 per 1,000 and the US national rate of 18.8 per 1,000. 


Teenagers are disproportionately affected by sexually transmitted infections (STI). The latest data shows that teenagers have the highest rate of reported chlamydia infection.

Therapy Session

We are fortunate to have many local organizations that support health, wellness, and education of Philly youth. They offer services like STI/HIV testing, mental health support, and medications.  


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